Terms and Conditions



Your wellbeing is very important to me and i understand that sometimes unexpected delays can occur. However, delays of up to 10 minutes may still allow me to still deliver a service but

the service provided may need to be a shorter version of the treatment you booked. The full cost of the treatment will still be charged.

(i.e – if booked in for a HD Brow treatment we may not have time to complete the finishing touches with the makeup)

If you are more than 10 minutes late a ‘failure to attend’ note will be added to your account along with a fee equal to 50% of the reserved services. The fee will need to be paid off in

full before any future services can be booked. 


Cancellations / Failure to attend

Please understand that appointment times are limited. If you must cancel your appointment, I respectfully ask for 48hours notice.

Missed appointments, or appointments cancelled without 48hours notice, will incur a fee equal to 50% of the total reserved services.

The fee will need to be paid off in full before any future services can be booked. 


Child Policy

Due to health and safety regulations the attendance of children is strictly prohibited. The salon is not the safest environment for a child due to there being many sharp objects

and chemicals in regular use. My aim is for everyone in the salon to experience a relaxing treatment and due to you having to sit still for a prolonged period of time I cannot ensure the

quality of the service whilst also monitoring your child.

If on arrival at the salon for a treatment you have children with you, your treatment will need to be rebooked – this is for the safety of your children and out of respect for the other

clients and therapists in the salon.. 


Patch Testing

All clients are required to undergo a patch test 48hours prior to an appointment that includes the application of tint, lash lifting products or brow lightening products.

It will always be applied to the forearm, so if any negative reactions were to occur it would be away from the airways.

There are two ways in which a patch test can be performed and both are equally as effective.

– For a tint test a small peace of paper with the premade test will be applied to your forearm, a wet cotton pad is placed on top which will allow the test to be transferred to your skin.

(similar to a childs transfer/temporary tattoo). This patch test will not transfer to your clothes.

– A ‘live patch test’ is where a small amount of the product will be placed on your forearm and covered with a plaster or micropore to prevent it from staining your clothes.

What would a reaction look like?

A patch test reaction can show in the form of, but not limited to; redness, itching or swelling to the area of application. 



Anybody that is pregnant or breast feeding will NOT be able to have tint applied as you are unable to take any medication that would reduce a reaction.

I understand this can be very frustrating but the health of you and your child are my priority.



Some medication can increase your sensitivity to the products/procedures used in the treatments, with this in mind it is your responsibility to inform me of any changes to your health

or medication so i can advise if we are still able to continue with the treatment.

I take the wellbeing of all my clients incredibly seriously and as our bodies can be very fickle building intolerances/resistance to products at any point, in the event a three month gap or more since your last treatment a new patch test will need to be completed including the 48hour wait.

I can only accept the patch test results that have been completed with me or with Eye Candy Techs to ensure the products that are tested match the products

that will be used in the treatment.

Please inform me ASAP of any patch test reactions or changes to your body so that I can keep you as safe possible,

enabling you to enjoy your treatment results to the highest level.